I Chalked Myself / Chalk My Ride

Auckland doesn’t have enough dedicated cycleways. Sometimes, I get scared on the riding on the road. And being scared is the number one reason people don’t cycle. Having to contend for space on the road with traffic is scary!

So, I wanted to create some significance around that, i.e. perform an action around that.

Chalk has a long history as a wonderful method of marking, and can be used to mark just about anything, anywhere.

I went on a ride around Auckland City – essentially a simple and intuitive ring route from Kingsland, where I live, up to K’Road, over to Symonds Street, down to Anzac Ave, along to Customs Street, down towards the Waterfront and along the Waterfront to Curran Street -where the battery ran out on my camera. I finished the ride off to the end of Ponsonby Road and headed towards home along Great North Road.

Each time I felt scared, and/or the road made an insufficient allowance for riding safely, I threw some chalk on the road. And naturally got some on myself and my bike. But it was fun!

I wonder what the motorists must have thought… Maybe to alight any fears, I should have worn a sign that said: ‘Chalk!’

A map of the route here:

if that doesn’t work here is a pdf: 1_39A Fourth Ave to 41 Curran St – Google Maps directions

And here is a map including Chalk points:


(This can be created via google maps, whilst signed into google.)

Using the footage from the camera, I created a little video of the adventure – speed up and slowed to show the chalking. The first drop was a practice! http://youtu.be/Dc9r4tK6Mjw

Some photos of the ride:

i chalked myself or chalk your ride  1 i chalked myself or chalk your ride  2 i chalked myself or chalk your ride  3 i chalked myself or chalk your ride  4 i chalked myself or chalk your ride  5 i chalked myself or chalk your ride  6

i chalked myself or chalk your ride 7 i chalked myself or chalk your ride 8

Chalk – wonderful stuff – (Calcium Carbonate), is safe and non-toxic. Quarried here in New Zealand. http://www.omya.co.nz/internet/nz/q2wcontent.nsf/vwWebDirectName/home

I might do it again sometime. If you want to Chalk Your Ride, or maybe you want to do a Co-Chalk Ride, just let me know and we can easily sort. I have some bags of the stuff ready to go!

You can join facebook group: Chalk My Ride: – https://www.facebook.com/groups/588350941308228/

or check out the facebook community page on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chalk-My-Ride/1592561874329977?fref=ts


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